Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Santa Stencil

What can you do with an old school over head projector? Here is my newest project. I love the way this Santa turned out. Here is how I did it.
  • Find a Santa you like and print it on a transparency. I used one for a laser printer, so get the kind that goes with your type of printer.
  • Borrow a over head projector, that is what I did.
  • Tape down your transparency so it doesn't move. 
  • Place your canvas or work surface so the image is centered. Make a few registration marks in case it gets moved. 
  • Trace your image on with pencil, I used black grease pencil since I new I was going to paint it in black
  • Then paint where the black is outlined.
My canvas is very large but this would look on a smaller canvas or even pillows or flour sac towels, just don't wash or use fabric paint.
My canvas is  58" x 56" and took about 2 hours start to finish!
I have seen these in all glitter also and they look awesome!

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Anonymous said...

where did you get that stencil or image?? looks great